Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tonight They Martyred the Moon (Based on a True Story)

The fishermen were attacked again today,
As everyday on the Gazan sea.
Not once in recent memory
have they been left in peace.
The gunboats show no mercy
As they loom over the hasakas
They shoot randomly and with glee,
As the fishermen flee.

F-16’s crisscross the sky,
As everyday in the Gazan sky.
The sonic booms shake me as
i sit on my balcony
watching the crescent moon
as it falls to the sea.
i walk inside to refill my tea,
the windows rattle ferociously.
i return to my seat
tea in hand
the moon has vanished from the sky.
Damn, i shout, come quick,
the Isareli’s have martyred
the moon.

I scan the sea to the north
i see a rope around the moon
a Israeli gunboat laboring far below.
They are towing the moon to Ashdod.
It’s not allowed in the sky
over Gaza.
I wonder who decides?
As the world pretends to hide?