Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Departure

6 poems i wrote in the first weeks of my arrival in MT and posted in the mornings on my Facebook account... Not my usual fare, but food for thought.

The sun dips into the meadow.
Wildflowers shed last evening's frost.
The silence is interrupted by the dog's splashing,
mud splattering every which way as she flies by- smiling!
My hands warmed by the cup of thick coffee,
my bare feet muddy and cold.

The sun permeates the pine.
The new green of the Aspen
shimmers, deeply satisfied,,
like the glimmer in a lover’s

i watch as the lodge pole pine
are devoured by the fog.
Soon, i too will be enveloped.
The moose kneels in the meadow,

Deep in the woods.
The dogs spook an elk.
Coyotes howl nearby.
Spook us.

Snow gently falls.
The spring grass shivers.
But not one complaint
about shitty weather.

Rain clouds shroud the mountains.
The path is strewn with bones.
The old, lame dog carries
one home.
Something good to chew on.