Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bowing Without The Bow

The snow is all but gone, replaced by flowing water and muddy rich earth. Walking across the meadow, i step softly- new life is sprouting up everywhere. Each blade of grass, brilliant green against the straw that remains from last year is a reminder of our own precarious state and the delicate beauty of our lives. The landscape here is so immense it is easy to overlook the tiny white flowers shadowing my every step and the sage that baths me in the most exquisite fragrance. i step quietly, watching my dogs as they do their crazy dance across the fields. Feeling the earth between their toes for the first time since October, their exuberance makes me laugh out loud.

From a distance, the scene is not extraordinary, just a man walking with his dogs. Time does not stand still. There is no epiphany. In the moment, as i walk, nothing is recognized and nothing is acknowledged.

Seamlessly, intimately, a man bows to the universe, and the universe, as always, bows in return.

This is just the story. Understand that when you bow in complete surrender the eminence opens to you.