Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

on this Thanksgiving day i remember all i am thankful for.

And i remember the first peoples of this land and the fact that 'til this day, i too, occupy a land that was taken by fraud, manipulation, theft, destruction and death from it's original inhabitants. And all the casinos (so called economic opportunity) across this beautiful land will not make it right.

on this Thanksgiving day i honor those native people who still struggle for their freedom.

on this Thanksgiving day, i recognize the fact that native children from the Pine Ridge reservation and across South Dakota are still being stolen from their families thru the state run foster care system.

on this Thanksgiving i realize the role i play.
i don't often pray, but on this day i pray that i may be a force for change. i pray that am granted the good grace to change myself. That all my greed, hatred and ignorance may dissipate in the powerful light of love. That i may give more than i receive. That i have the strength to stand courageously with those fighting for justice.